Scars of War

An Indie RPG by Gareth Fouche

It's not like the tales the bards tell. War. Not like the tales at all. Where is the glory? The fame? The satisfaction of fighting for a righteous cause? The adoration of the masses whose livelihoods you defended with your blood?

Bah. All you got in exchange for your youth and innocence and pain was a pat on the back, barely enough gold to last you a month and that  letter of recomendation from your Captain. A letter? What good's a letter? None of the craftmasters want a full grown apprentice. And you don't have the money to buy your way straight into a guild. You have skills, you know you do, but no one wants to give you a chance. Can't eat a letter of recommendation. Can't even flog it.

And you can't steal to fill that knawing in your belly. Too many thieves on the streets these days, too much competition, too many others in the same plight. The Thieves guilds are  getting more and more violent in protecting their territory.

 No one wants to give an ex-soldier a chance. Except another ex-soldier.  Old Jeman said he had a job, easy money, a rich patron who wants his lost property found. Perfect for a few resourceful ex-soldiers, wouldn't trust anyone else to do it right, he said.

You don't have enough gold or prospects left to be picky. You just hope he's right, hope that this job is worth travelling to a hole like Korrinport for...if the job pays well enough maybe you can use the money to setup your own shop and forget about grovelling for an apprenticeship..



Scars of war is a 1st person fantasy RPG for the PC built on the Torque Game Engine. It has the following features :


A mature story aimed at adults

Moral gray areas, hard choices, secrets, betrayal, manipulation and lies. The good stuff. No "Ancient Evil Rising" or "Farm Boy with a Heroic Destiny".

Faction-based gameplay with choice and consequence

Decide who to side with, where you stand in the unfolding storyline, and deal with the consequences of those choices. Siding with one faction could cause another to become a bitter enemy.

Multiple endings

Dependent on your choices throughout the game.

Branching dialogue

Which can be influenced by your actions, character creation choices, faction standings and social skills. Dialogue plays a large role in the game.

No Tolkien

Elves, dwarves, orcs, gnomes and especially hobbits, none of them have a place in SoW. It is a fantasy setting and there are non-human races, but for the most part culture is what determines the differences between player races.

Rich lore and backstory

Explore the history of the West, the struggles that shaped it.

A variety of interesting locations and environments to explore

From the dark, foggy streets of Korrinport to humid, brigand infested Port Hale, your journey will take you far from home.

Classless skill point based character system

Experience is gained from completing tasks (not killing enemies) and can be spent on improving skills in any of the 5 skill categories: Combat, Trickery, Magic, Social and General. You can also gain special traits to further customise your character.

Item crafting

Powerful magic items aren't sold in stores next to the bread and cheese. Few are willing to part with their magical items but you can acquire rare components which allow you to craft powerful items. Customise your equipment to match your playing style. This is real FRIV game. Not like bus games or barbie game.

Powerful database driven game editors

SoW will ship with all the editors used to create the game, making modding simple. Even non-programmers can make significant changes to the game using the editors. Feel that the player gains too few skill points a level or that a specific monster has too many hitpoints? Want to add a new item, spell, creature, quest or character dialogue? Simply edit the values in the appropriate table. You even have the ability to store and call custom scripts in the database, allowing great flexibility.
The struggle started without much fanfare as a minor conflict between neighboring kingdoms, a dispute over borders which had been fought for centuries. Before long it had escalated to war, a war which drew the surrounding nations into it like a hungry beast and which eventually spread to engulf the Westlands. Not a noble war, such as bards sing of, but a long, bloody, painful struggle, a back and forth tug-of-war which did little but drain the participants of their lifeblood. In the end, there was no noble victory, no setting things to rights. The participants drew back to lick their wounds, to rebuild, and an uneasy peace settled over the West. That peace didn't bring any happiness with it, however. Mirtar, the breadbasket of the Westlands, had seen some of the worst battles of the war. Once fertile fields lay fallow, the peasants that tended them slaughtered. Struggling to rebuild, Mirtar barely has enough to feed its own people, never mind export food to any other nations. Winter comes, and it brings the looming shadow of famine. Kingdoms empty their already drained coffers to ship goods from afar, but the Winterking will have more than his share of lives this year, and wolves howl in the hills.

For you, the misfortunes of the war are more personal. Unlucky enough to come of age at its start, you were drafted at the tender age of 15 into the Royal Army of Athar. Now, 5 years later, the war is over and the army, indeed Athar itself, doesn't seem to need you. Like a lot of veterans, you have found your military training inadequate preparation for civilian life. With the war and the food shortages, jobs are scarce, and few people are hiring or taking on apprentices, especially adult ex-soldiers. You drift from town to town for a while, until you run into an old army contact, Lieutenant Jeman Var. Jeman is looking for men for a job, specifically men he can rely on. He has been hired by a powerful merchant baron to find out why some of his shipments are going missing en-route, and he can pay handsomely. With your meager savings running out you sign up, and head to the city where the goods go missing: Korrinport; and begin a journey which takes you far from home, and draws you into a conflict even the war didn't prepare you for - a web of conspiracy and deception, where you must choose your friends wisely and your enemies even more so.

The scars of war are slow to heal....